Monday, 11 August 2014

Specialized uses

A DBMS entity is either a thing in the modeled world or a drawing element in an ERD.
In SUMO, Entity is the root node and stands for the universal class of individuals.
In VHDL, entity is the keyword for defining a new object.
An SGML entity is an abbreviation for some expanded piece of SGML text.
An open systems architecture entity is an active process within a layer.
In computer games and game engines, entity is a dynamic object such as a non-player character or item.
In HTML, entity is a code snippet (e.g., "®" for "Registered Trademark") which is interpreted by web browsers to display special characters. See List of XML and HTML character entity references.
In law, a legal entity is an entity that can bearing legal rights and obligations, such as a natural person or an artificial person (e.g. business entity or a corporate entity).
In politics, entity is used as term for territorial divisions of some countries (e.g. Bosnia and Herzegovina)

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